Big Sipz

Big Factz

It would take 807,161,290 Big Sipz to cover the length of Jupiter

The Argentinosaurs was 450 Big Sipz tall

The Megladon was 341 Big Sipz long

You could buy 4,000,000 Big Sipz with the amount of money it takes to buy a space suit

Big Sipz is 5,200 light-years away from the universe’s nearest black hole

The average Giraffe is 64 Big Sipz tall

The world’s largest can could hold 299 Big Sipz inside of it

A rocket ship weighs the equivalent of 10,650,887 Big Sipz

The world’s largest basket could hold 7,601,173 Big Sipz

It would take 929,032 Big Sipz to reach space

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